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Funda Discovery Centre
Opened 2019

funda discovery centre

Built with funds from the National Lotteries Commission and the Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys (Trust for Afrikaans Education) and is managed by the Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve, a Section 21 NPO. The word funda derives from ‘fundamental’ that means to establish, to lay a foundation or to establish something’. Funda is also a common root word in many local indigenous languages connected to the concept of learning.

In 2011

The Voortrekker Monument was declared a Grade 1 National Heritage Site

a status that has befallen very few monuments of a similar kind. Management realized the great responsibility that comes with this status – especially when the possibility to establish a syllabus orientated education centre on the site became a reality. One of the main reasons for heritage conservation, and a task with which declared heritage sites are entrusted, is to educate and to teach. By making youngsters aware of the origins and diversity of the cultures of South Africa, mutual respect can be cultivated.

the funda discovery centre Focuses on

Curriculum aligned school programmes

through self-discovery and study according to outcomes based education. Specific curriculum themes are presented by means of an introduction, treasure hunt (also for home schooling), followed by interactive discussions. Although school groups are the main target, the centre may also be utilized for a variety of teaching workshops and other enrichment courses. It consists of three main areas: auditorium, foyer and main exhibition hall, as well as an open air area for traditional activities.

The auditorium provides for

visual & interactive

introductions per syllabus theme, whilst a map facilitates the treasure hunt with specific themes in the main exhibition hall. In this hall, original objects, replicas, historical photos, modern visual material and bits of information facilitate discovery. The origin and cultural diversity of South Africa is explained through the broad themes of national symbols, food settlement and materials (wood, metal, leather, clay, ceramics, glass, grass and textiles).

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